Established in 1992, Pragmatic Software Company, Inc. is a software company that provides a suite of online-based collaborative tools that allow one to run his or her company efficiently. Business owners will be able to easily manage documents, sales leads, the life cycle of software development, and other kinds of projects. The Englewood, Colorado based company also offers extranet, intranet and various portal solutions for business-critical applications.

At Pragmatic Software, they believe that their clients want the best products, excellent customer service, and the chance to test a product even before they decide to buy -- without any hassles. To this end, Pragmatic Software makes sure that every single product that they carry comes with a demo that shows how a particular product works. If potential customers like what they see, they can then get that product for a free trial so that they can test and use it in their work environment. All products include a tutorial and an owner's manual to help customers become familiar with using the products quickly and easily.

Pragmatic Software products focus on vertical markets such as database services, business services, and user interface. The company urges those who are interested to test their products, because it is very easy -- no risk, hassle free, and worry free. Just send an email to or call at 800-773-7785, to ask about the free trial, or for more information and queries.